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 David, Paris, and James Mallon

I am a 27 year old Physics major at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, where I currently live with my wife Paris and son James. I will be graduating this year and then continuing on to pursue a Master's in Medical Physics. If you don't know what medical physics is, click here to read about this amazing branch of science (think Star Trek medicine).  I love science and technology and everything they encompass, but I am also an ardent student of philosophy, and I seek to unify the two fields into a sort of universal understanding based on seeking wisdom through knowledge. 

I am also an avid user of Linux (Ubuntu) and am recently recovering from my long time addiction to Microsoft products despite having dabbled in Linux for several years. I believe that the commercialization of something that is the foundation for all software level computing is dangerous to progress both for economic reasons and for the protection of competitive creativity.

Literature is an important part of who I am and how I see the world. It is through the characters of classic writings that some of the greatest minds have imparted their wisdom and clear images of what we should seek after in the real world. I adore the writings of Tolkien for their sense of adventure, courage, and true friendship, and several other classic works have also amplified my understanding of pure virtuous humanity. I believe that if we make brilliant progress in science and technology without neglecting the elegance and depth displayed in classic literature, we will become a better, wiser people.

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