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Random Thought Courtesy of Aristotle (0)

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I have spent the majority of today milling over various treatments of Aristotle's Poetics and Sophocles' Antigone for a paper I'm writing. The topic of thought is: what makes a true tragic hero? And, as an application to the play Antigone, is it Creon or Antigone that serves the role of tragic hero? I love the way in which the actions and consequences of both Creon and Antigone are so intertwined, and in the end I have concluded that both characters represent a portion of the tragic hero paradigm. Of all the things I have read an quoted throughout the course of the day, one particular idea really stuck with me:

"Now character determines men's
qualities,but it is by their actions
that they are happy or the reverse."
- Aristotle, Poetics

I found it to be rather profound to think about the fact that our actions, and not our thoughts are what determine our destiny. Our thoughts and values are abstract elements and can only affect this physical world we live in through our actions. Therefore we should carefully consider our every action even if we are certain about the quality or our intentions, because you never know which ill made choice may be the tragic flaw that leads to downfall. The remedy: Seek wisdom not blind religion.

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